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Inserting New Countries

  • Allows you to define new countries and to assign the correct two and three digit ISO country codes which are used for the different postage modules. eg. UPS, Fedex, etc.

Store Default Address Format

  • You can also define the address structured used throughout your store using the address format field.
  • Open myPhpAdmin or similar
  • Browse to the address_format table
  • Create a new record or edit an exisiting address type

  • Format the address_format field to suit your needs. Use $cr to add a carriage return. Add , or spaces to suit your needs.
  • For example a UK address would look like:
$firstname $lastname$cr$streets$cr$suburb$cr$city$cr$state$cr$postcode$cr$country

Activating / Deactivating Countries

  • In version 2.0.15 and above you can activate/deactivate countries displayed in your store.
  • Click Edit on the country you wish to change
  • Change the Active drop down to 0 to deactivate and 1 to activate.
  • Click Update

This will change the country drop downs found in your store on the following pages:

  • Customer Sign Up
  • Affiliate Sign Up
  • Create Customer (admin)

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Dieses Dokuwiki verwendet ein von Anymorphic Webdesign erstelltes Thema.
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