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Database Backup

  • This tool allows you to backup your store database into a SQL file which can then be used to restore your store if you run into any problems.
  • This is also very useful if you ever need to migrate from one host to another.


  • Click Backup
  • Select from the right hand menu if you want to use GZip compression
  • Click the tick box Download only if you want to only store the file locally (ie. not on the web server)
  • Click Backup


  • Click Restore
  • Select the row of the database backups shown you want to restore
  • Click Restore


  • Select the row of the table showing your backups
  • Click delete
  • Confirm that you are happy to delete the file by clicking delete again in the right hand panel.
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Dieses Dokuwiki verwendet ein von Anymorphic Webdesign erstelltes Thema.
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