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Getting Started

  • Even if you have used osCommerce before there is still a reasonably steep learning curve for osCMax - once you get going things will be clear!
  • All the code that handles how osCMax looks has been moved out of the core code, and into various files in the /catalog/templates and /catalog/templates/content directories.
  • Each file in the templates directory is named for the output that it handles so that you know what it does. The main store template is main_page.tpl.php. This is where you will setup the main structure of your site.
  • The true power of BTS is how it simplifies changes to osCMax. Instead of having to manually edit the header, footer and 30 other content pages, you now just have to edit the main_page.tpl.php file for most changes.

Here are a few common tasks that most store builders do first:



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Dieses Dokuwiki verwendet ein von Anymorphic Webdesign erstelltes Thema.
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