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-====== PayPal Express Checkout (Version 1.0) ====== 
-<note tip>This PayPal Express Checkout payment module is a global product which can be used in stand alone mode (i.e. without the need to activate Direct Payment module).</​note>​ 
-<note important>​This payment module requires PHP to support cURL or access to the "​curl"​ program file.</​note>​ 
-===== Configuration ===== 
-  * **Enable PayPal Express Checkout (UK)** :: Set this to true if you want this payment method to be enabled during checkout. ​ A **Check Out with PayPal** image button is also shown on the shopping cart page. Which looks like this: 
-  * **API Username** :: The user name to use for the PayPal API service. ​ This is tied to your PayPal seller e-mail address profile to accept payments for. 
-  * **API Password** :: The password for the PayPal API service. 
-  * **API Signature** :: The signature to use for the PayPal API service. 
-  * **Transaction Server** :: **Live** when you have finished testing and want to accept payments from customers. ​ **Sandbox** is for pushing through test transactions. 
-  * **Transaction Method** :: **Authorisation** only authorises the payment which can then be transferred up to **29** days later and must be done through your PayPal account page.  **Sale** instantly transfers the funds to your PayPal account. 
-  * **Payment Zone** ::  If set, this payment method will only be available to orders made within the defined zone. 
-  * **Set Order Status** :: The order status will be updated to this value when the transaction has completed. 
-  * **Sort Order** :: The position to show the payment method on the checkout page. 
-  * **cURL Program Location** :: The location and filename of the cURL program file. 
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