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-Downloads are fairly easy to set up, but the download mod can be a littly quirky on different server setups. The below steps should help you get your downloads working: 
-   - **Enable downloads** ​ Admin --> Configuration --> Downloads --> Enable Downloads = true. 
-   - **Downloads by Redirect** should be on for Unix systems according to the help but in some casess may need to be off.  (Test it both ways to see what works for you.) 
-   - Whilst you are in this menu you should also set the expiry, ​ no. of downloads, etc. 
-   - Set your **pub/** directory to chmod 777 
-   - Set your **download/​** directory to chmod 755 or chmod 777. (Sometimes 755 does not work and 777 must be used.) 
-   - Create your product for download in the Add Products section of the admin. ​ 
-<note tip>​**Its weight must be 0 or it will not work correctly.**</​note>​ 
-   - **You __MUST__ assign an attribute to your product or the download link won't appear after checkout.** ​ 
-   - For the **Option name** you could use "​Version x" and for the **Option value** you could use "​Download:​ Windows-English"​. 
-   - Be sure your file (i.e. "​myfile.exe"​) is in the **download/​** directory. 
-   - In the Admin --> Catalog --> Product Attributes, there is a field that says "​Filename"​ when you are creating a new product attribute. This is where you put "​**myfile.exe**"​. (No path information needed). You also specify the number of days the download link is available and the number of downloads allowed. 
-   - Go to Admin --> Localization --> Orders Status and change the **Downloads Status** for **Delivered** to true by ticking the tick box marked "Allow downloads of virtual products at this order status level"​. ​ If you set the allow downloads on other order status then customers could download your product prior to you clearing your payment. 
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