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-====== United Parcel Service ====== 
-  * If you want to ship using UPS, enable this module. It is also important to note that in order for shipping calculations to be done correctly, you must set the zip/postal code of your store corectly in the configuration section of osCommerce. ​ 
-The following options must be set: 
-  * **Enable UPS Shipping** :: Set this to true to enable this module. 
-  * **UPS Pickup Method** :: This should be set to however your UPS packages are picked up. Your options are : CC - Customer Counter, RDP - Daily Pickup, OTP - One Time Pickup, LC - Letter Center, OCA - On Call Air 
-  * **UPS Packaging** :: Set this to the UPS Packaging method that you use. The following options are available : CP - Your Packaging, ULE - UPS Letter, UT - UPS Tube, UBE - UPS Express Box 
-  * **Residential Delivery** :: Set this to either RES or COM to have the module quote a residential or commercial shipping rate. 
-  * **Handling Fee** :: Set the amount you want to charge for handling. This can be set to zero to deactivate the handling fee. 
-  * **Tax Class** :: Set this to the tax class you want to use for this shipping method, or leave it set to none if you do not want to tax the shipping charge. 
-  * **Shipping Zone** :: If you set this to a zone, this method will only be available to orders shipping to that zone. 
-  * **Sort Order** :: This sets the sort order of your shipping methods during checkout. If you have more than one shipping method, set this to a non zero quantity. Lower numbers defined here will appear higher/​first on the checkout shipping page. 
-  * **Update** :: Always click this button to commit your changes to osCommerce. 
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