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  • This section controls the 'Product Download' options of osCommerce. If you sell downloadable products, this is where you configure how osCmax handles the process.


  • Enable download :: Enable the products download functions.
  • Download by redirect :: Use browser redirection for download. Disable on non-Unix systems.
  • Expiry delay (days) :: Set number of days before the download link expires. 0 means no limit.
  • Maximum number of downloads :: Set the maximum number of downloads. 0 means no download authorized.
  • Downloads Controller Update Status Value :: What order_status reset the download days and max downloads to. (Default: 4)
  • Downloads Controller Download on hold message :: This is the message that is displayed whilst payment is confirmed.
  • Downloads Controller Order Status Value :: Status Value (Default: 2)

Setting up Downloadable Products

Downloads are fairly easy to set up, but the download mod can be a littly quirky on different server setups. The below steps should help you get your downloads working:

  1. Enable downloads Admin → Configuration → Product Settings → Downloads → Enable Downloads = true.
  2. Downloads by Redirect should be on for Unix systems according to the help but in some casess may need to be off. (Test it both ways to see what works for you.)
  3. Whilst you are in this menu you should also set the expiry, no. of downloads, etc.
  4. Set your pub/ directory to chmod 777
  5. Set your download/ directory to chmod 755 or chmod 777. (Sometimes 755 does not work and 777 must be used.)
  6. Create your product for download in the Add Products section of the admin.

Its weight must be 0 or it will not work correctly.

  1. You MUST assign an attribute to your product or the download link won't appear after checkout.
  2. For the Option name you could use “Version x” and for the Option value you could use “Download: Windows-English”.
  3. Be sure your file (i.e. “myfile.exe”) is in the download/ directory.
  4. In the Admin –> Catalog –> Product Attributes, there is a field that says “Filename” when you are creating a new product attribute. This is where you put “myfile.exe”. (No path information needed). You also specify the number of days the download link is available and the number of downloads allowed.

  1. Go to Admin –> Localization –> Orders Status and change the Downloads Status for Delivered to true by ticking the tick box marked “Allow downloads of virtual products at this order status level”. If you set the allow downloads on other order status then customers could download your product prior to you clearing your payment.

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Dieses Dokuwiki verwendet ein von Anymorphic Webdesign erstelltes Thema.
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