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  • If you want to use FedEx Web Services then install this module. Note that FedEx now requires WEB SERVICES only, so be sure you load the correct module (the second one down that says FedEx), the first option called Federal Express will no longer work. You need to have SOAP enabled on your server…
  • Enable FedEx Web Services :: Allows you to enable/disable module without uninstalling
  • FedEx Web Services Key :: Enter FedEx Web Services Key
  • FedEx Web Services Password :: Enter FedEx Web Services Password
  • FedEx Account Number :: Enter FedEx Account number
  • Fedex Meter Number :: Fedex Meter Number
  • Debug Mode :: Debug Fedex Shipping module if you are having problems. (debug is not in web services version)
  • Weight Units :: Define package weights eg. LBS, KGS
  • First line of street address ::
  • Second line of street address ::
  • City name ::
  • State or province name ::
  • Postal Code ::
  • Phone Number ::
  • Drop off type :: Select a number from One to Five
  • Enable (service type) :: Select the services you wish to offer…
  • Tax Class :: If you have tax classes set this to Shipping (usually)
  • Domestic Ground Handling Fee ::
  • Home Delivery Handling Fee ::
  • International Ground Handling Fee::
  • International Express Handling Fee ::
  • FedEx Rates :: Select List or Account
  • Signature Option :: PayPal requires a signature for anything over $XXXUSD
  • Enable Ready to Ship :: If you have items that are boxed and can be shipped in that box select this option
  • Shipping Zone :: You can restrict shipping to a single zone (Defined in Admin/Locations/Zones)
  • Sort Order ::

I suggest that you change /catalog/includes/languages/english/fedexwebservices.php line:




for clarity.

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Dieses Dokuwiki verwendet ein von Anymorphic Webdesign erstelltes Thema.
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