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Install a module

  • osCmax remains closely related to the osCommerce core in order to allow you to use the 6,000+ modules and extension which are available from http://addons.oscommerce.com.
  • However, there are a few changes that need to be made to make them compatible with osCmax - mainly simple changes.

Payment and Shipping Modules

  • These should drop straight in with no code changes.
  • However, you will need to put the language files in the correct place - in osCmax we have adopted a flat language directory in order to make future language packs easier to install and distribute.
  • Any files in languages/your_language/modules/shipping or payment etc. simply need to go into languages/your_language/ and that is it.

If you are installing any module or contribution and you see TEXT_DISPLAYED_IN_ALL_CAPS then the first place to check is that you have your langauge files in the correct place.

Admin Modules

  • Admin modules will require a few tweaks to make them work in osCmax.
  • osCmax contains admin user levels control and a new horizontal drop down menu and as such any new files/menu items need to be integrated into these modules - but don't worry it is very easy to do!

Enabling access to a new admin file

  • Open your admin panel
  • Click on the Administrator Menu
  • Click File Access in Menu box
  • Select the relevant Menu Box row in the central box ie. the one you want to add the file to
  • Click Store Files in right hand column
  • Select <new_php_file>.php from the drop down
  • Click Save

Don't forget to set the Member Groups –> Groups –> New Permission

Adding a new menu item

  • The traditional left hand menu from osCommerce has been replaced with a “suckerfish” horizontal drop down menu but the principal remains the same.
  • Normally you will see some code that looks something like this:
<a href=“' . tep_href_link(FILENAME_CUSTOMERS) . '”>' . BOX_CUSTOMERS_CUSTOMERS . '</a>

Which will need changing to match the other links within the files:

  • The line should go into the same file in the installation instructions - normally - catalog/admin/includes/boxes/

Adding a new menu

  • Some contributions require you to install an entirely new menu item.
  • The menu items are created in catalog/admin/includes/menu.php
  • To create a new drop down menu you will need to call the box from within this file


if (tep_admin_check_boxes('your_new_box_filename.php') == true) { ?>
    <a href="#"><?php echo BOX_HEADING_NEW_MENU_ITEM; ?></a>
         <?php require(DIR_WS_BOXES . 'your_new_box_filename.php'); ?>

<?php } ?>

You will need to add BOX_HEADING_NEW_MENU_ITEM define into catalog/admin/includes/languages/core.php

Don't forget to change the links created in the your_new_box_filename.php to match the link construction outlined above.


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