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Terms and Conditions

  • You can force the customers of your store to accept the terms and conditions of your store by enabling either of these two settings.
  • The users will be unable to complete their account opening or checkout without ticking the checkbox to state their agreement.
Default State

Error State
  • If the user try to continue without checking the checkbox

Completed State

Check for Javascript enabled?

  • If enabled, this notification will check to see if the customer's browser has Javascript enabled. If it is disabled, it will display the following warning notice which is linked to a google search to help them find instructions on how to re-enable it.

Check for Internet Explorer 6?

  • If this notification is enabled and your customer is using the notoriously unstable IE6 they will see the following warning.

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Dieses Dokuwiki verwendet ein von Anymorphic Webdesign erstelltes Thema.
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