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Products Attributes

This area of the catalog configuration is where you customize the attributes of your products. If you need to have different sizes, options, colors, and have different prices for each option, you have the ability to set this here.

When you first look at the Products Attributes section, it can look a bit complicated. The base osCommerce installation includes sample data, including pre set attributes. You should study how these attributes are constructed. Then, it is suggested that you create a sample product, and your own attributes to see how the different options function.

On the main attributes page, you will see 3 sections, Product Options, Option Values, and Products Attributes. Below, each section is described to help you begin setting up your products attributes.

  • Product Options :: This section is where you create the options that you will need available for your products. This can be whatever you need, size, color, model, version, or whatever else you need. Creating options is very easy, just type the name of the option in the text box and click the 'insert' button. This creates a master options list, but does not assign values to those options. That is done in the next step.
  • Option Values :: This section is the place to actually assign values to your options. This is a simple process as well. You will see a dropdown box with the options you created. Select the option you want from the dropdown, then type the value you want to assign in the text box next to it, and click 'insert.' That creates a value that is assigned to that particular option. Repeat this for all values that you will need.
  • Products Attributes :: This section is where you actually assign the options that you have created, to your products. You will see a series of dropdown boxes. The first box contains all your products in your store. Select the product that you would like to set attributes for. The next box contains all the options that you have set, so select the option you want to add to the product. Then, in the next dropdown, select the value that you want to assign to the option. The next box is not a dropdown, but a text box. Enter the monetary value of the option, and in the final box, place a + or a - sign. This value determines whether osCommerce will add or subtract the value of the attribute from the base product cost. Finally, click the insert button, and the attribute will be assigned to the product.
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