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Tax Rates

  • Open your admin panel
  • Select Locations / TaxesTax Rates
  • Click new tax rate
  • Enter the required information in the right hand column (UK VAT example below)


  • Each Tax Zone can have multiple tax rates which can be added or compounded depending on the priority setting.
    • If two Tax Rates have the same priority they will be added
    • All others will be compounded in order of priority

If you are selling books or children's clothes in the EU then these are not VATable products and as such you will need to use the Non-Taxable Class for these products.

If you have been following the worked example in Tax Zones then you will need to set up another new tax rate to apply to non-VAT countries.

  • Click new tax zone
  • Select Taxable Goods again
  • Select ROW from the Zone: drop down
  • Enter a Tax Rate of 0
  • Enter a description of VAT Exempt
  • Enter a Priority of 0
  • Click insert

Now this may seem counter-intuitive to start with but think it through - in your store you will need to allow non-VAT countries to purchase ex-VAT so you can not simply apply the Non Taxable Tax Class as it is only people who are shopping outside the EU who get this rate. That is to say those customers who are not in the Tax Zones you applied to the European Union Zone.

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Dieses Dokuwiki verwendet ein von Anymorphic Webdesign erstelltes Thema.
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