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Upgrading osCmax

These instructions are to upgrade to v2.5.0 or later.

If you are upgrading from:

v2.5-RC2, v2.5-RC1, v2.5-Beta3

  1. First, make a backup of both your database and current osCmax files. Should there be any problems, you will be thankful that you took this precaution to roll back your changes.
  2. Download either the upgrade only package (if you are running 2.5-RC2) or the full package (running any other version) from osCmax.com and extract the zip file to your computer. Note that there may only be one main download package and not a changes only package. In that case, just download the main package.
  3. Upload the new files to your osCmax site. If you have customized any files in your live site excluding your custom template, make sure you do a file-by-file comparison of changes so that your customizations are retained. If you have renamed your admin directory, make sure you rename the admin directory before you upload it to match your live site admin directory name, so that the new files are uploaded to the correct place on the server.
  4. Go to your admin panel and login. In the “Adminstrator” menu, click “Upgrade System.” If you don't see this option, read Troubleshooting step 3 at the bottom of this page. You will see information regarding your current version and an Upgrade button.
  5. Click the upgrade button. If no errors are printed to the screen, your first upgrade step was completed successfully.
  6. Click your Browser's refresh button to reload the upgrade page (DO NOT CLICK THE UPGRADE BUTTON AGAIN!). The upgrade information will change when you refresh the page.
  7. If it is indicated that no further upgrades are needed, you have finished the upgrade process.
  8. If it is indicated that you need to run the upgrade script again, click the Upgrade button again. If no errors are printed out to the screen, the database upgrade step was successful.
  9. Click your Browser's refresh button to reload the upgrade page (DO NOT CLICK THE UPGRADE BUTTON AGAIN!). The upgrade information will change when you refresh the page. The screen should now display that you are fully upgraded. You have completed the upgrade process.


Preparation: before performing an upgrade, you should first test your 2.0.25 template in a test install of v2.5.0 as it can have some display problems in v2.5.0. The best way to test is to install a test copy of osCmax v2.5.0 on your server and then copy your 2.0.25 template into a templates/ directory called 'custom'

Now you can switch the test store to use the 'custom' template and check for problems. This guide does not cover how to resolve issues, as they are far to specific to each user's template. We suggest you visit the forums for help with template issues. We also recommend that you wait until you have resolved your template problems before performing the upgrade below.

Now that you have your template ready for v2.5.0, follow these steps to upgrade:

  1. First, make a backup of both your database and current osCmax files. Should there be any problems, you will be thankful that you took this precaution to roll back your changes.
  2. Download the upgrade script and the new v2.5.0 package (two separate downloads!).
  3. Login to your admin panel and put your site in maintenance mode - first checking “exclude this IP-Address” setting. If “exclude this IP-Address” is not set correctly then you can't run the upgrade (or any other) module.
  4. In your admin modules section, note the modules you have installed (payment and shipping) and copy their settings to a text file for later use.
  5. After copying the module information, disable and uninstall each payment and shipping module.
  6. Next, if you used the default fallback template as your site template and just modified it without creating a new template, you must do that now. Create a new directory in your template directory, name it something other than fallback and copy your modified fallback template into that directory.
  7. Now unzip the upgrade script package. There are 2 files in it, upload both to your catalog root directory.
  8. Next, go to http://yoursite.com/catalog/upgrade.php in a web browser. I simple page will load with some information on it. If it says to click the upgrade button to upgrade to v2.5.0, you are ready to upgrade your database. If you want to see the queries that execute on click the checkbox. Then click the upgrade button.
  9. If you see no error messages after it finishes upgrading, click the browser's refresh button or hit the Upgrade button a second time. If all went well, you will see a message that tells you your database version is 2.5.0 and you have nothing further to do. If so, you can delete the two files you uploaded (upgrade.php and 2.0.25_To_2.5.0.sql) from your server now.
  10. Next, upload all the new osCmax files to your site, overwriting the existing files. When finished with the upload, visit your admin panel. It will now show v2.5.0 on the admin login screen. Login, and take a look around. You are now running v2.5.0!
  11. Re-enable your Payment and Shipping modules, using the information you copied earlier.
  12. Check your settings in Admin_Configuration_My Store (Zone) as well as Admin_Locations/Taxes: Tax Zones, Tax Classes, and Tax Rates (as per http://wiki.oscdox.com/v2.5/getting_started - steps 6 through 9) - these may well change during the upgrade process. When live, check that Taxes are charged correctly if required.
  13. Check your store's front end. Your site is still in maintenance mode, so first go to Administrator » Site Maintenance and in the Down For Maintenance (exclude this IP-Address) field, add your IP address so you can see your site even though it is down for maintenance. Now visit your catalog front page. It should show your custom template. There may be some problems with it if you have not pre-modified it to work with the new 2.5.0 feature set. See the above Preparation section.
  14. If all looks good, take your site out of maintenance mode and you are now live on v2.5.0.
  15. Be sure to thoroughly configure your site now. There are hundreds of new configuration options, so you may have a little work to do. Most of the new features are disabled by default and all of your previous settings have been preserved.


1. If you get errors from the upgrade script, chances are you have made changes to the database and will need to manually upgrade your database. Your best option at this point is to visit the forums and post to the Bugs/Problems board. Make sure you include all the errors that are printed to the screen and any custom changes you have made to the database.

osCmax v2.5 Bugs/Problems forum: http://www.oscmax.com/forums/bugs-problems/

2. If you cannot get your admin panel to load properly to get to the upgrade script after uploading the new version files, don't panic! You can access the upgrade script directly after logging in to your admin by using this url: http://yourdomain.com/your/admin/upgrade.php

Be sure to substitute your actual domain and actual path in the example url above. Typically all you will need to do in your browser URL bar is replace the file name in the url with upgrade.php.

3. If you cannot see “Upgrade System” as a menu option in the Administrators menu, go to Administrator » File Accesss » Administrator » Store Files » upgrade.php

Once you have done that, reload your admin home page and select the administrators menu again. You should now see the “Upgrade System” option.

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