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This module allows you to use Authorize.Net as your payment gateway for real-time credit card processing in osCommerce. The following options must be filled out properly in order for this module to work.

In order for this module to work you must have the Credit Card module listed below disabled


  • Do you want to accept Authorize.net payments? :: Set this option to 'True'
  • Login Username :: Your Authorize.net username
  • Transaction Key :: The transaction key you set in Authorize.net admin.
  • Transaction Mode :: Set this to 'Test' or 'Production' depending on whether you are processing live transactions or still testing.
  • Transaction Method :: Set this to eCheck or Credit Card depending on the method you use.
  • Customer Notifications :: When enabled Authorize.Net will e-mail a receipt to the customer in addition to osCommerce.
  • Payment Zone :: Allows you to limit the use of Authorize.net to a single zone.
  • Set Order Status :: You can set the default order status to the store default, or set it to one of these: Delivered, Pending, Processing
  • Sort order of display :: This is where you set the order of the payment modules display on the checkout_payment.php page. Set this to a NON ZERO amount.
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Dieses Dokuwiki verwendet ein von Anymorphic Webdesign erstelltes Thema.
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