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 +====== Authorize.net ======
 +This module allows you to use Authorize.Net as your payment gateway for real-time credit card processing in osCommerce. The following options must be filled out properly in order for this module to work.
 +<note tip>In order for this module to work you must have the Credit Card module listed below disabled</​note>​
 +===== Configuration =====
 +  * **Do you want to accept Authorize.net payments?** :: Set this option to '​True'​
 +  * **Login Username** :: Your Authorize.net username
 +  * **Transaction Key** :: The transaction key you set in Authorize.net admin.
 +  * **Transaction Mode** :: Set this to '​Test'​ or '​Production'​ depending on whether you are processing live transactions or still testing.
 +  * **Transaction Method** :: Set this to eCheck or Credit Card depending on the method you use.
 +  * **Customer Notifications** :: When enabled Authorize.Net will e-mail a receipt to the customer in addition to osCommerce.
 +  * **Payment Zone** :: Allows you to limit the use of Authorize.net to a single zone.
 +  * **Set Order Status** :: You can set the default order status to the store default, or set it to one of these: Delivered, Pending, Processing
 +  * **Sort order of display** :: This is where you set the order of the payment modules display on the checkout_payment.php page. Set this to a NON ZERO amount.
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