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Discount Coupon Settings

  • If you want to edit the setting of the Gift Voucher setup please go to Modules –> Order Total –> Discount Coupon –> Click Edit in the right hand column.

Display Total

  • Always leave set to true.

Sort Order

  • This needs to be set according to how you want tax and your discount to be calculated. You will also need to change the sort order of the other order total modules.
  • The standard away to set this is up is:
  • Discount Coupons - Sort Order = 7
  • Gift Voucher - Sort order = 6
  • Low Order Fee = 4
  • Customer Loyalty Discount = 5
  • Shipping - Sort order = 2
  • Sub-total - Sort order = 1
  • Tax - Sort order = 3
  • Total - Sort Order = 8
  • This allows the gift voucher to assume a greater amount of the total cost while applying the discount to the total after the gift voucher has been applied.
  • If you have recalculate tax set to true then you should place the sort order as the following:
  • Discount Coupons - Sort Order = 6
  • Gift Voucher - Sort order = 5
  • Low Order Fee = 3
  • Customer Loyalty Discount = 4
  • Shipping - Sort order = 2
  • Sub-total - Sort order = 1
  • Tax - Sort order = 7
  • Total - Sort Order = 8
Your discount coupon has many choices for per product/category items tax is only calculated on the item not on the total tax, so if you have tax on shipping it will not be recalculated though shipping would be if shipping is set to true.

Include Shipping

  • Include shipping allows the discount coupon to be used against shipping also. If the discount coupon is used on a site wide basis the shipping tax is included in the discount if you have tax set to true else it only applies to the shipping.

Include Tax

  • Include tax allows the tax of the item to be discounted as well as the item.

Re-calculate Tax

  • Re-calculating tax allows the tax to be shown either with the new tax or not. Note: this item needs to be in conjunction with the sort order of how you would like it to be shown and include tax.

Tax Class

Determines on which tax class you would like the discount coupon to be used against.

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