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EasyPopulate Column Headers

  • v_products_model :: This is the model number of the product.
v_products_model must be UNIQUE. You should also not use special characters like slashes (/) and should be alphanumeric (ie. letters and/or numbers)
  • v_products_name_11) :: This is the name of the product. It must be 64 characters or less.
  • v_products_description_1 :: This is the description of your product. This field can include basic HTML tags
  • v_products_url_1 :: The external link url for your product. Note: do include the url prefix.
  • v_products_image :: This is the filename of the main image. Also, if your images are in a different directory of the images folder, then you will need to designate the PATH using a slash: eg. subcat/image1.png.
  • v_products_price :: The product price. Numeric only. Ie. No currency symbol or spaces and remember to use the decimal delimiter for your base currency.
  • v_products_quantity :: The quantity of the product you have in stock.
  • v_products_weight :: Product weight. Numeric only. Ie. No symbols like kg. Also remember that a product with a weight set to 0 will be set to a downloadable product.
  • v_date_avail :: The date the product become available. Make sure you match the date format from the server. Eg. 05/04/2009 13:12:00
  • v_date_added :: The date the product was added to database. Again remeber to set the date format correctly. Eg. 05/04/2009 13:12:00
  • v_categories_image_1, v_categories_name_1_1 :: These columns are used to designate where the product should be displayed in your catalog. The v_categories_image sets the image for the category (please be aware that if your product is quite low down in your tree you will have a number of these columns). v_categories_name sets the name of the category. eg.
    • v_categories_name_1 :: Top Category Name
    • v_categories_name_2 :: Sub Category Name
    • v_categories_name_3 :: Sub Sub Category Name
    • v_categories_name_4 :: Sub Sub Sub Category Name
    • v_categories_name_5 :: Sub Sub Sub Sub Category Name
    • v_categories_name_6 :: Sub Sub Sub Sub Sub Category Name
    • v_categories_name_7 :: Sub Sub Sub Sub Sub Sub Category Name
  • v_manufacturers_name :: This is the name of the manufacturer of the product (if relevant).
  • v_attribute_<var>_1_1 :: This is the attribute data for the product. This is normally when people give up and get confused about what EasyPopulate is trying to do! Depending on how many attributes you have set up in your store you may see quite a large number of columns here!
    • v_attribute_options_name_1_1 :: Name of the option. Eg. Size
    • v_attribute_values_id_1_1 :: Autoset ID of the option Eg. 1,2,3,4,5 etc.
    • v_attribute_values_name_1_1_1 :: The value of the option. Eg. Small, Medium, Large.
    • v_attribute_values_price_1_1 :: The change in base price from base product.
    • v_attribute_values_stock_1_1 :: The stock level for this attribute.
Every attribute you have set up will appear with it own 5 column group even if you are not editing a product which has these attributes. If it is not relevant to the product you are editing just don't change anything!
  • v_tax_class_title :: This is the tax class of the product as you set up in admin.
  • v_status :: Set the status of the product - Active or Inactive
  • EOREOR :: End of Record. This is the most important column in the entire sheet. It basically tell osCMax where the end of the data row is - without it EasyPopulate will NOT work!
If you run into trouble using this module - firstly, make sure you have the EOREOR in place on all rows; secondly, check you have not used any restricted characters. Eg. / \ “ '
The _1 assigns it to your main language
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Dieses Dokuwiki verwendet ein von Anymorphic Webdesign erstelltes Thema.
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