How-To Section

In this section, you will find many individual procedures to modify specific things in osCommerce. This section contains many of the most common modifications, fixes, procedures. If you see something that is missing, please feel free to add it. All additions are live, and will be included in the guide immediately! Share your knowledge.

Please read osCDox's Copyright Terms before making a contribution.

If you want to browse through the source code for oscommerce 2.2 please use the following x-ref:

  • Code Documentation : Full php cross referenced code documentation. Variables, functions, etc.

How-To Category

  • Add-On Modules :: Look here for instructions and resources for Add on modules.
  • Boxes :: All about the side boxes.
  • Columns :: About modifying the side columns
  • Database :: Working with osCommerce's database
  • E-Mail :: Changing the default email function of osCommerce
  • Header :: Changing the look and function of the header in osCommerce (logo, links, etc…)
  • How to -FAQ for New Users :: Commonly asked questions regarding issues most new users experience.
  • HTML Changes :: How to modify the html in osCommerce to achieve the look you want.
  • Text Changes :: How and where to locate and modify specific text in osCommerce
  • Stylesheet Edits :: What the stylesheet does, and how it changes the look of osCommerce
  • Miscellaneous Changes :: General osCommerce how-to's that do not fit into the above categories.
  • How to Setup a Test Enviornment Locally :: How to setup a test enviornment on your computer so that when you screw something up you don't have to worry about the real thing! This is for a locally installed test store.
  • Helpful Tools for working with osCMax A set of links to tools that are useful in editing code and so forth.
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