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Install a New Template

  • Please note that michael_s has released a new template system using an HTML format - if you want to investigate this approach please read the file here.
  • When designing your store you can either purchase a template or create your own.
  • The template system in osCMax is designed to as simple as possible - however, it does still cause people quite a lot of problems.

BTS Basics and the fallback directory

  • The structure of BTS (Basic Template System) is such that osCMax will go to the template folder that you have defined in the admin panel under My Store and looks for the files it needs to display any given page of your store.
    • If it find the page in <your template> directory then it will use it
    • If it can not find the page then it will try to locate the file within the fallback directory

So where do all the files go?

  • All of the files need to go into a sub-folder of templates. For example: aabox, Close, CSS-fluid-1, etc. (See the image)

  • Create a new folder and name it something memorable. (It is also cAsE SeNsItIve)
  • Go to Admin –> Configuration –> My Store –> Default Template Directory –> and set this value to your new folder name
  • Your store should now be using your new template!

What about the files in the template folder?

  • Within your template folder you should find:
    • coolmenu.css :: controls the coolmenu look and feel
    • dynamic_mopics.css :: controls the look and feel of the extra images
    • main_page.tpl.php :: This is main template file which provides the framework into which all the content for your store is loaded
    • popup.tpl.php ::
    • stylesheet.css :: This is the main file for controlling the look and feel of your site. Almost every aspect of your colours, fonts, etc. is control from here.

What about the sub-folders in my template folder?

  • Within your template folder you will find a number of different sub-folders which contain different parts of your template.
    • Boxes :: This is where any code used to create the small info boxes in the template are stored. eg. categories.tpl.php. (It only creates the box and does not put in any content.)
    • Content :: This is the most important folder which contains all of the content for the pages of your store. In these files you will find all the HTML that used to be in the files in the catalog/ folder of your store.
    • images :: Contains images specific to your template.

Create your own new template

  • It is normally best to start with another template and then edit it to suit your needs.
    • Copy the aabox template folder and rename the new folder to your new template name.
    • Once you have this new folder the first place to start is by editting your main_page.tpl.php
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Dieses Dokuwiki verwendet ein von Anymorphic Webdesign erstelltes Thema.
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