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Member Groups

  • Allows you to create and manage the different users of your admin panel

Create a New Group

  • The multi level admin access built into osCMax allows for you to control which parts of the admin panel different levels of user can access. For example, you could restrict access to backup tool to only Top Level Administrators.

  • Click Groups
  • You should now see a list of your currently available groups
  • Click New Group
  • Enter the name in the right hand panel and click save.
  • You can also edit or delete your groups from this page.

Set Permissions for your Groups

  • Each group within admin can have different permission to view different part of the admin panel.
  • Select the group you want to change the permissions for by clicking on their row.
  • Click New Permission in the right hand panel.
  • You should see the following:

  • Now simply go down the list selecting which menu items you would like the user to be able to access.

Creating a new Admin User

  • Click New Member
  • Enter the Username, Firstname, Lastname, Email Address and Group Level in the right hand panel.
  • Click Insert
  • The new user will receive their new password via the email address entered above.
If a user has forgotten their password then use the Forgotten Password link on the login page - if they are unable to remember anything then use this guide to reset their password.
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Dieses Dokuwiki verwendet ein von Anymorphic Webdesign erstelltes Thema.
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