Minimum Values

This section sets some key values needed to properly configure your store. These options all set the field size or value used by oscommerce in different areas. These options are mainly for customer information and validation on signup. These values come pre-set, but you can change them to customize the function of your store.


  • First Name :: Minimum length of first name field
  • Last Name :: Minimum length of last name field
  • Date of Birth :: Minimum length of date of birth field
  • E-Mail Address :: Minimum length of e-mail address field
  • Street Address :: Minimum length of street address field
  • Company :: Minimum length of company name field
  • Post Code :: Minimum length of post code field
  • City :: Minimum length of city field
  • State :: Minimum length of state field
  • Telephone Number :: Minimum length of telephone number field
  • Password :: Minimum length of password field
  • Credit Card Owner Name :: Minimum length of credit card owners name
  • Credit Card Number :: Minimum length of credit card numbers
  • Review Text :: Minimum character count for review text. Reviews must be longer than this amount.
  • Best Sellers :: Minimum number of bestsellers to display.
  • Also Purchased :: Minimum number of products to display in the 'This Customer Also Purchased' box
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