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This section is where you enter in custom store information that osCommerce uses. These options need to be set to your custom information in order for the store to display your correct information, send emails to the correct destinations, and to set how you want osCommerce to function.


  • Store Name :: Enter the name of your store here
  • Store Owner :: Enter the name of the store owner here
  • E-Mail Address :: Enter the e-mail address of the store owner here
  • E-Mail From :: Enter the address you want to appear in the 'From' field of emails sent by osCommerce
  • Country :: Enter the country that your store is based in
  • Zone :: Enter the zone your store is in. This is needed for proper tax setup
  • Expected sort order :: Set this to descending (desc) or ascending (asc). This sets whether products are sorted from higher to lower or lower to higher
  • Expected Sort Field :: The field to sort expected products by. Can be set to products_name or date_expected.
  • Switch To Default Language Currency :: This sets oscommerce to switch currencies to match the selected language, if you have set mutliple currencies.
  • Send Extra Order Emails To :: Enter any emails that you would like an extra copy of the order to be sent to. Use the format User Name
Set this to your email address if you would like a copy of the email that goes to the customer when they place an order. Useful if you don't monitor your orders page 24/7!
  • Use Search-Engine Safe Urls :: This option changes the URL format used by oscommerce to be search engine friendly. Not quite working correctly. Do not use this in osCMax it conflicts with another feature.
  • Display Cart After Adding Product :: When set to true, the customer is taken to the shopping cart page after each item is placed in the shopping cart. When set to false, the customer remains on the product page after the item is added.
  • Allow Guest To Tell A Friend :: When enabled, this will allow any user to send email to their friends about any of your products using the 'Tell a friend' box. When disabled, only logged in members can 'Tell a friend' This option Does NOT disable the option, nor does it disable or remove the box. In order to do that, you must edit column_right.php
  • Default Search Operator :: Allows you to change the default search operator, AND or OR. Experiment with this to see which operator gives you more accurate search results.
  • Store Address and Phone :: The information here will be seen by the customer if you allow the Check/Money order option during checkout. This info will also be used in the invoices and packing slips in the admin section.
  • Show Category Counts :: This option turns category counts on/off in the category box in the catalog. It actually shows the quantity of products in a category when enabled.
If you have a large database with many products or a very busy site, Show Category Counts should be set to false as it will slow your site down considerably.
  • Tax Decimal Places :: How many decimal places you want to have in your tax percentage.
  • Display Prices with Tax :: When on, this will automatically display all items prices with the tax included. When off, tax will only be shown during checkout.
  • Template Switching Allowed :: When set to true it enables the user to append ?tpldir= to the URL to switch the template for the current session.
Switch your template by setting Admin –> Configuration –> My Store –> Template Switching Allowed to true

Then simply append your template name to the url of your store with the following syntax: (Replace aabox with your template name eg. fallback, css etc. Notice the capital 'D')

  • Default Template Directory :: Set the name of the directory which contains your default template. eg. aabox, yourtemplate, fallback, etc.
  • Welcome Gift Voucher Amount :: Set the value of the gift voucher you wish to give to new customers. Set to 0 if you do not want to use this. Make sure you do not enter any currency symbols.
  • Welcome Discount Coupon Code :: Set the coupon code for a welcome discount for new users. Leave blank if you do not want to send one.
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