The setup of PayPal for osCMax store is a common area for questions within the forums. The first question you need to ask yourself is Standard or Pro?

Standard or Pro?

There are two types of service that they provide. Below is an extract from their website.

No technical knowledge requiredRequires some technical knowledge - .NET SDK or Java SDK or HTTPS Service
Customer is redirected to PayPal to pay and then returns to your siteCustomer remains on your site to pay – you add the functionality your site
No monthly fee. You only pay a percentage on each sale that goes through PayPal.Low monthly fee plus transaction fee
No approval requiredApproval required (approx 3-5 days)
As a rule of thumb - if you are just setting up and are expecting a reasonably light order flow as you build your new online presence then Standard is for you.

Once you have a decent flow or orders, ironed out all the kinks in your code, got repeat business then you can upgrade to the pay monthly Pro platform.

The PayPal Modules

Once you have made this decision you will need to pick which method you want to use within osCMax. There are a number of different PayPal modules which can cause some confusion.

But basically there are two options for Standard with the IPN version being more advanced and two options for Pro with a version for the US and the UK.

Standard PayPal Modules

Pro PayPal Modules

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