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Using phpMyAdmin

phpMyAdmin is a tool usually supplied by your hosting provider for editing your database using SQL commands. You should be able to access it by logging into your control panel.

It is a very powerful tool and when using it you will need to be careful to ensure you do not damage your database.

Please make sure you have backed up your database using the tool supplied in osCMax before making and changes. You should also backup your files and make sure you have all of this stored on your local machine.

Taking a first look

When you load phpMyAdmin you should initially see the following screen:

  • Now this may initially look quite daunting! But don't worry it is fairly easy to get your head round it.

Create New Database

  • Open phpMyAdmin
  • Type the name you want to use for your database into the box provided. You will find it under Create New Database
  • Click Create

Add new SQL when installing contributions

  • Select the database you want to edit from the left hand column.
  • You should now see a list of all of your tables in both the left and right hand panel.
  • Select the SQL Tab shown at the top of the screen in the right hand panel.
  • You will now see a text area box titled: Run SQL query/queries on database
  • Copy and Paste the contents of the SQL file from the contribution into this box.
  • Click Go
  • You will then get a report of whether or not the SQL was executed properly.
You can make a lot of changes to your database very easily using phpMyAdmin - so please ensure you have backed up before making any changes!

You have been warned!
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