Product Listing

All the settings here control how the product listings display, and what information is displayed. You control the order they are displayed by adding numbers in sequence. The option with '1' will display first, '2' second, '3' third, and so on. To disable any option from displaying, set it to '0'


  • Display Product Image :: Enable to display the product image.
  • Display Product Manufacturer Name :: Enable to display the Product Manufacturer Name.
  • Display Product Model :: Enable to display the Product Model Number.
  • Display Product Name :: Enable to display the Product Name.
  • Display Product Price :: Enable to display the Product Price.
  • Display Product Quantity :: Enable to display the Product Quantity.
  • Display Product Weight :: Enable to display the Product Weight.
  • Display Buy Now column :: Enable to display the 'Buy Now' button.
  • Display Category/Manufacturer Filter (0=disable; 1=enable) :: Enable to display the category/manufacturer filter. This allows to filter the display by category or manufacturer.
  • Location of Prev/Next Navigation Bar (1-top, 2-bottom, 3-both) :: This option controls where the navigation links appear on the page.
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