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This is for osCMax v1.7 only and does not work in osCMax 2.0-2.0.25

Portions of this (not the text option) has now been re-instated and can be found in the SVN version of 2.0.25, along with 2.1

HOW TO SETUP PRODUCTS TO USE DIFFERENT OPTION TYPES All the instructions below refer to the Catalog » Product Attributes section of the osCMax administrators panel. See the image below:

How to Create a Text Option

To explain how to create a text option, we'll walk through the example of adding a text option called First Name to a product called Coffee Mug.

STEP 1 Use the admin tool to create a new Products Option. (In upper left table)


Set the Option Type equal to 'Text'. This is done using the option type dropdown. (If you don't see an option type dropdown, then you likely didn't install the admin files that came with this feature.) The option type can also be updated manually in the table products_options. You can also add an optional comment to be displayed next to the option and the maximum length of the text(area) field. The comment is limited to 32 characters. (This limit can easily be changed by adjusting the size of the product_options_comment field. Changing the size of this field does not effect other functionality.)

STEP 2 :: Use the admin tool to create a new Product Attribute.

  • PRODUCT NAME: Coffee Mug
  • OPTION NAME: First Name
  • PREFIX: +

STEP 3 :: Update the Product Options to Product Options Values mapping.

Some contributions require that the products_options_values_to_products_options_id table list the mapping of option types to option values. If you use one of these contributions, then you must add a new record to the products_options_values_to_products_options table whenever you setup a new text option. Currently there is no admin tool for this step, so you must do it manually.

products_options_values_to_products_options_idproducts_opitons_id products_options_values_id

Let this autogenerate Id from step 1 value of PRODUCTS_OPTIONS_VALUE_TEXT_ID (likely 0)

It is recommended that you keep the products_options_values_to_products_options_id table up to date, even if you don't use contributions that require you to do so. This is to ensure compatibility with future enhancements that you may want to use. You're done with the set up. On the product info page for “Coffee Mug” there will now be the option “First Name” followed by a text box for user input.

How to Create a Select List or Radio Button

You add a select list to a product exactly the same way you would if you were not using this contribution.

1. Create an Option. (the default type is select).

2. Create Option Values

3. Create product attributes that associate your Option and Option values with a product.

You add a radio button control to your product in the same way as you would a select list. The only difference is you set the Option Type of the Option to “Radio” instead of “Select”.

How to Create Checkboxes

The important thing to understand about checkboxes is that the Option Value is not displayed on the product_info page. For example if you set up an Option named “Gift Wrap” (with type equal Checkbox) and an Option Value named “Checked” and associate these with your coffee mug product, then on your product_info page you will see.

If Gift Wrap is checked, then in the shopping cart, order confirmation, and confirmation email you will see Coffee Mug- Gift Wrap Checked. This approach allows you to add as many checkboxes to your products as you like.

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Dieses Dokuwiki verwendet ein von Anymorphic Webdesign erstelltes Thema.
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