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Dynamic MoPics Docs for osCMax

These instructions are included in the Dynamic MoPics mod v3.0 and were written by Joshua Dechant, the author of this most excellent mod. Configuration refers to the options available in the osCMAx admin panel under Configuration » Dynamic MoPics


osCommerce MS2 (November 2002 - MS1 should be ok, but I make no guarantees)


Show extra images for a product, including larger versions (and a large version of the thumbnail).

The script looks for the images based on a pattern input by the site admin. Extra images must be FTPed up to the site.

The uploading of images is now automated, within Admin. for ocCMax 2.0.25 onwards.

FTP uploads remain as an alternative method for bulks uploads.


Big Image Types:

These are the types (extensions) of larger images you use. Listing more options will require more processing time, so it is reccomended to only list the types you use. For example, if you only use .bmp and .jpg for larger images, and have more .jpg files than .bmp files, you would want to enter them as “jpg, bmp”

The order is also the preference order as well. For example, if you are using “jpg, gif, bmp” and you have a file named “image.gif” and one named “image.jpg”, the module will find “image.jpg” first and use that image.

It is recommended that you remove BMP and never use bitmap files for images

Thumbnail Image Types:

Exactly the same as “Big Image Types”, except it is for the type of thumbnails you use.

Extra Image Pattern:

Your custom defined pattern for extra images. imagebase is the base of the main thumbnail. Place the counting method between brackets {}. Current counting methods can be 1, a, or A. See the next section below for more explanation of the pattern.

Do not change from the default {1} unless you have a very specific reason to.

Big Images Directory:

The directory inside catalog/images where your big images are stored.

  • This is set to images_big by default. If you want to restore image function to match the old standard osCommerce 2.2, simply delete this setting and leave it blank.

Thumbnail Images Directory:

The directory inside catalog/images where you extra image thumbs are stored.

Main Thumbnail In "Thumbnail Images Directory":

If you store your product's main thumbnail in the “Thumbnail Images Directory” set this to true. (you can do this by typing in “thumbs/imagename.jpg” into the image input on the add product page & then FTPing the main thumbnail up into the thumbs/ directory). If it is in the main image directory (uploaded via the osCommerce admin), set it false.

Consider this a deprecated (outdated) option, for users upgrading from osCommerce 2.2. oscMax uses a more efficient means of image handling and this should normally be left alone.

Pattern Explanation

You setup your pattern in your osCommerce Admin » Configuration » Dynamic MoPics. The specific entry for the pattern is labelled “Extra Image Pattern”. In your pattern, “imagebase” and a counting method must be specified.

“imagebase” defined: In your pattern, “imagebase” is the name of the product's thumbnail, minus the extension. For example, if a product had a image of “productImage.jpg”, the imagebase for this product would be “productImage”. And if for example, a product had the image “dvds/animation/a_bugs_life.gif”, the imagebase for this product would be “dvds/animation/a_bugs_life”. Ok?

counting defined: In your pattern, between brackets someplace you need to specify a counting method. Current counting methods can be “1” (1, 2, 3, etc); “a” (a, b, c, etc); or “A” (A, B, C, etc). The pattern by defaut, “imagebase_pic{1}”, places the counting at the end, but it does not have to be. imagebase{1}, {1}_imagebase, huh_imagebase_{1}_yeah, etc would all work equally well.

Confused yet? Let's get into some examples to help clarify some things.

Simple Example:

Suppose we define our pattern as “imagebase_{a}”. We will assume that we have set thumbnail types of “gif, jpg” and large image types of “jpg”. Suppose our product's main thumbnail image is “realm_of_chaos.gif” and we have uploaded it through the osCommerce Admin's product editor page (In this type of case, we need to set 'Main Thumbnail In “Thumbnail Images Directory”' to false). We'll also assume the big images directory is “images_big/” and the thumbnail is “thumbs/”.

To clarify, our settings are:

  • Big Image Types: jpg
  • Thumbnail Image Types: gif, jpg
  • Extra Image Pattern: imagebase_{a}
  • Big Images Directory: images_big/
  • Thumbnail Images Directory: thumbs/
  • Main Thumbnail In “Thumbnail Images Directory”: false

And our product's image for the example is “realm_of_chaos.gif”

Now, we want a big image for the main thumbnail. How do we get it? Simple: Create the larger image and save it as “realm_of_chaos.jpg” (remember our larger image types are only jpg in this example). The upload the image (via FTP) to your catalog directory images/images_big/. That is, the big image for the main thumbnail should be at `images/images_big/realm_of_chaos.jpg`

Hey that was simple enough. Now how do we get some extra images for this product? That is pretty simple too. Our imagebase is “realm_of_chaos”. And our counting method is a, b, c, etc… Our thumbnail image types are gif or jpg. We can use either type, and mix and match. Since gif is listed first, it takes preference over jpg. We can make them “realm_of_chaos_a.gif”, “realm_of_chaos_b.gif”, “realm_of_chaos_c.jpg”, etc… The just upload them to the `images/thumbs/` directory. And for the larger images, they would be named the same as the extra thumbnail, except be jpg, and upload to the `images/image_big/` directory.

You lost me

No problem. Here is a simple make for the options for the extra images in this example:

Main thumbnail's large image: images/images_big/realm_of_chaos.jpg

Extra thumbnails: images/thumbs/realm_of_chaos_a.gif –or–images/thumbs/realm_of_chaos_a.jpg images/thumbs/realm_of_chaos_b.gif –or– mages/thumbs/realm_of_chaos_b.jpg images/thumbs/realm_of_chaos_c.gif –or–images/thumbs/realm_of_chaos_c.jpg images/thumbs/realm_of_chaos_d.gif –or– images/thumbs/realm_of_chaos_d.jpg images/thumbs/realm_of_chaos_e.gif –or– images/thumbs/realm_of_chaos_e.jpg images/thumbs/realm_of_chaos_f.gif –or– images/thumbs/realm_of_chaos_f.jpg etc…

Extra thumbnails' large images: images/images_big/realm_of_chaos_a.jpg images/images_big/realm_of_chaos_b.jpg images/images_big/realm_of_chaos_c.jpg images/images_big/realm_of_chaos_d.jpg images/images_big/realm_of_chaos_e.jpg images/images_big/realm_of_chaos_f.jpg etc…

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