This is where you set the base shipping information needed by most of the shipping modules. If your shipping modules are not working correctly or giving strange results, make sure the values below are set correctly.


  • Country Code :: Enter the “ISO 3166” Country Code of the Store to be used in shipping quotes. To find your country code, visit the ISO 3166 Maintenance Agency. If you need to find your country code, the official list of country codes is Here
  • Postal Code :: Enter the Postal Code (ZIP) of the Store to be used in shipping quotes.
  • Enter the Maximum Package Weight you will ship :: Carriers have a max weight limit for a single package. This is a common one for all.
  • Package Tare Weight :: What is the weight of typical packaging of small to medium packages?
  • Larger packages - percentage increase :: What is the extra amount you will charge for larger package. For 10% enter 10
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