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Table Rate

  • This shipping method allows you to set so called table rate shipping. This module allows you to set whether shipping will be charged based on weight or quantity. Further, you define shipping price breaks based on weight or quantity amounts.

The following options need to be set for this module:

  • Enable Table Method :: Set this to true to enable this module.
  • Shipping Table :: Set this option by following the example provided below.
  • Table Method :: Set this to weight or price.
  • Handling Fee :: Set the amount you want to charge for handling. This can be set to zero to deactivate the handling fee.
  • Tax Class :: Set this to the tax class you want to use for this shipping method, or leave it set to none if you do not want to tax the shipping charge.
  • Shipping Zone :: If you set this to a zone, this method will only be available to orders shipping to that zone.
  • Sort Order :: This sets the sort order of your shipping methods during checkout. If you have more than one shipping method, set this to a non zero quantity. Lower numbers defined here will appear higher/first on the checkout shipping page.
  • Update :: Always click this button to commit your changes to osCMax.
EXAMPLE for Table Rate Shipping
A store owner wants to charge $10 for orders weighing up to 20 lbs. Any orders over 20 lbs, but under 40 lbs are charged $18. To set this up using the table rate shipping method, the following must be entered into the 'Shipping Table' field of this module: 20:10.00,40:18.00
You may like to add a further shipping rate that exceeds your normal weight range, to cater for instances where a large purchase is made. Using the above example: 20:10.00,40:18.00,999:18.00 This will prevent an order greater than 40lbs being free shipping.
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Dieses Dokuwiki verwendet ein von Anymorphic Webdesign erstelltes Thema.
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