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 ====== Additional Modules ====== ====== Additional Modules ======
-  * In this section you will find modules ​that can be simply installed into osCmax v2.5.+  * There are many contributions for MS2 that can be found at [[http://​www.oscommerce.com/​community/​contributions|osCommerce]]. Since osCmax uses the BTS template system, small modifications need to be made to most contributions that add changes to the catalog/​shopping cart end of osCmax
 +  * Once the small changes have been made, almost all contributions will work perfectly in osCmax. This page details how to install various contributions into osCmax, and details the changes in the install instructions.
 +<note tip>You may want to read the [[general installation guidelines]] before starting any modifications.</​note>​
 ===== Admin Modules ===== ===== Admin Modules =====
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