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This is where you add your categories and products to the catalog. There are several things you can do, but first, you need to create a category. In the middle window of the page, you will see a folder listing. Each folder is a category. These folders are clickable, so that you can navigate into the categories, to see products in those categories and possible subcategories.

Each category has 3 main options, Edit, Delete, and Move. Each option is fairly straightforward. Below, the edit options are explained in the Adding a New Category section.

Adding a New Category

In the main categories/products window, to add a new category, click the New Category button. When you click the New Category button, the New Category right column will appear. The following fields need to be filled out:

  • Category Name :: Enter the name of your new category. If you have multiple languages enabled, you will see a field corresponding to each language.
  • Category Image :: Enter the local path to your image or hit the browse button to locate the image on your computer. A common mistake is to pre-upload the images to the server. Do not do this, or the image will not be added.
  • Sort Order :: This is how you control the display order of your categories. Enter a number here.

After you have entered in the appropriate information click the Save button. Your new category has been added. To add a subcategory, click on a main category, and then click the New Category button.

When using the SEO Popout Categories menu, you must reload it in order for your new products and categories to show up in your store. To do so:

Admin » Configuration » SEO URLs » SEO Popout Menu » Reset Categories Menu » True

Reload your catalog index page and the new additions will now appear.

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Dieses Dokuwiki verwendet ein von Anymorphic Webdesign erstelltes Thema.
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