Check Permissions

The Check Permissions add-on for oscMax version 1.3.

The following also works with an updated version that works with osCmax 2.5beta3.

The installation should be done only if you are familiar with PHP code.

Simple install instructions:

1. Unzip the files.

2. Upload the files using the zipped up directory structure to guide you.

If you are using a language other than English, simply copy /admin/includes/languages/english/check_permissions.php to /admin/includes/languages/your_language/check_permissions.php

and make any language changes that you want to the text values.

3. Do either 3a or 3b depending on which version you are using.

3a. osCmax before v2.5

Add this line to admin/includes/boxes/tools.php - [edit pgm]




3b.For osCmax 2.5:

Add the following within the menu items (not as the last item but in the middle somewhere as another item)


The Tools menu is not in alpha order in any case so it really is up to the user but I made it #2 on the menu.

something like this:

$contents = (tep_admin_jqmenu(FILENAME_BACKUP, BOX_TOOLS_BACKUP, 'TOP') .

4. Add to the end of admin/includes/filenames.php: (note: please place before ?>)

define('FILENAME_CHECK_PERMISSIONS', 'check_permissions.php');



Add to /admin/includes/languages/english.php: (near the end is fine … again before the ?>)

define('BOX_TOOLS_CHECK_PERMISSIONS', 'Check Permissions');

5b. For oscMax 2.5: File is now /admin/includes/languages/core.php (renamed from english.php)

6. You now need to set the file permissions for osCmax … - [edit pgm]

a) Go to admin –> Administrator –> File Access –> Select Tools row –> Click Store Files

b) Select 'check_permissions.php' from drop down –> Click Save

c) Don't forget to go into Member Groups to set the permissions up for your users.

7. Optional for before v2.5:

Go to admin/includes/stylesheet.css and add - [edit pgm]

.messageStackAlert { font-family: Verdana, Arial, sans-serif; font-size: 10px; background-color: #FFFF99; }

EXTRA - I much prefer the formatting of the following for messageStacks - so replace if you want …

.messageStackError, .messageStackWarning { font-family: Verdana, Arial, sans-serif; font-size: 11px; line-height:1.5; background-color: #ffe6e6; border:solid 1px #ff8e90; padding:5px; }

.messageStackSuccess { font-family: Verdana, Arial, sans-serif; font-size: 11px; line-height:1.5; background-color:#CCFFCC; border:solid 1px #006600; padding:5px; } .messageStackAlert { font-family: Verdana, Arial, sans-serif; font-size: 11px; line-height:1.5; background-color:#FFFF99; border:solid 1px #FFCC00; padding:5px; }

8. That should be it!

Then back up the entire site. If you mess up permissions big time you might need to clear it down and restore.

Some servers are configured to give a 500 “Internal Server Error” if the php files are set to 777. So beware!!

If you set this file to 777 and get a 500 error. Delete the file using ftp, re-upload it and then you can use it again.

Use the “Check” option before “update” option.

All credit to Geoffrey Walton for the original work on this add-on.

Update for v2.5

You can use the Check Permissions to see what files are not set correctly.

The proviso here is that the Unix style permissions are set on the first page to what they need to be for your server.

The defaults are always for Owner, Group, World(Anyone) and the defaults in Check Permissions are for all three levels of access.

Some ISP's treat the default file permissions differently. This is something you need to work out or ask at your ISP about. It may be that your permission setting for World should be none. This is done by changing the last digit of the permissions set to 0 (zero)

i.e 644 becomes 640

Check Permissions version 1.3 hard codes the default permissions so changing them is by hand in the code.

Version 1.3 has been modified to a new version 2.5 (consistent with the osCmax 2.5beta rather than just the next version number).

The updated version now allows for setting and saving the default file/dir permissions to the configuration table from the admin screen.

General information can be found at Tony's blog entry for Check Permissions v2.5

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