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 +===== Create your own new template =====
 +<note warning>​You **MUST NOT** edit the files in **fallback** they are there to fallback on!  You only need to **copy** across files that you want to change and then edit them in your new template.</​note>​
 +  * Go to **catalog/​templates/​** and create a new folder called //​your_template_name//​
 +    * Copy the **fallback** template folder structure into //​your_template_name//​. (**folders:​** boxes, content, images and javascript)
 +    * Now copy across **main_page.tpl.php and stylesheet.css** keeping the names the same
 +    * Well done! You have created your own template! Now go to Admin -> Configuration -> Template -> Template Setup -> Default Template Directory and change this to //​your_template_name//​.
 +===== Changing individual pages with in the store =====
 +  * So you want to change the layout on one of the pages within your store?
 +  * Simply browse the **template/​fallback/​content** folder for the page you want to edit (simplest way to find this is to view the page in the store and look in the URL for the filename).
 +  * Once you have worked out which page you want to edit then **copy** //​edit_page.tpl.php//​ file out of **template/​fallback/​content** and paste it back into **templates/​your_template_name/​content**.
 +  * Now you have your own copy of this file to edit - the system will use this new file when displaying your store.
 +<note tip>So you created your new page and everything has gone wrong! Layout is broken? Got a white screen of death? Don't panic just delete the file from **templates/​your_template_name/​content** and the system will "​fallback"​ to the file in the fallback folder.</​note>​
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Dieses Dokuwiki verwendet ein von Anymorphic Webdesign erstelltes Thema.
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