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This page allows you to edit, delete, view orders or email your customers.


  • This will open a page where you can change the details entered by the client during setup such as email address, name, etc.


  • Allows you to delete one of your customers from your database.


  • This will switch you to the order section but filter for the specific orders made by the selected customer


  • Allows you to send a message to the customer.
If you are emailing about an order it is normally best to use the messaging system built into the order details page which will store your message in the database for future reference.

Create Order

  • Switches you to the create order module to enter an order for the active customer.


  • Allows you to login as if you were the customer, and see the site as your customer sees it. Handy for troubleshooting or creating an order for a customer if they need help…

MailChimp Sync

  • You will see this button if you have enabled the mailchimp newsletter module. By pushing this button you will synconise your database settings with the ones in your mailchimp list.

Adding Comments

  • You can enter customer specific comments by entering them in the box shown and clicking add comment. The customer will not see the comments you enter here.
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Dieses Dokuwiki verwendet ein von Anymorphic Webdesign erstelltes Thema.
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