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Discount Categories

  • Discount categories is part of the Quantity Price Break Per Product for Separate Prices Per Customer code and is designed in principal to allow you to group products together to apply price breaks to the group.
  • When you make a Discount category and have assigned products to that discount category the total number of products bought from that category will determine the price break used.
Example, you have a price break for a product when 5 items are bought. With this mod, the number of products in the shopping cart from the same discount category is determined first and those numbers are used to calculate the price break.
  • So when 2 products A and 3 products B from discount category 1 (lets say 'hardware') are bought, prices of products A and B are as if 5 items from each were bought. It could also be CD's from one artist or products from one manufacturer. Discount category is completely independent of the category a product is listed under.
A product can be in only one discount category though!

Create a new discount category

  • Login to your admin panel
  • Go to catalogDiscount Categories
  • Click insert
  • Enter the name you want to call this Discount category
  • Click update

Using discount categories

  • Once you have created your discount categories you will be able to attach individual products to these discount categories and these will be combined to calculate which price break to use when checking out.
  • Simply edit the product in the admin panel and select the required discount category from the drop down menu. You will find the drop down in the pricing section of the edit product screen.


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