General Installation Guidelines

These guidelines are not steadfast, but they are a general guideline to installing a contribution into osCmax. This should save you some time in learning where things are located in osCmax, and also give you some hints on the best way to add code.

You will need a text editor to edit the files, a FTP program to transfer your files and a basic understanding of SQL. (Have a look at our useful software page). You may also need to edit the database directly using phpMyAdmin (or similar).

  • Remember that osCmax uses BTS, so when a contribution would normally modify a file in your /catalog directory, it will instead be in /templates/[templatename]/content.
  • The /includes/header.php and /includes/footer.php are no longer used in osCmax. They can be removed from your installation if they are still there, and will most likely be removed from the distribution in the near future. All edits that would normally be done in these files are now done in main_page.tpl.php of the active template directory.
  • All javascript files have been moved to the /includes/javascript directory. When installing a mod that edits one of the javascript files, make sure you edit the file located in this directory.
Please note that in version 2.5 and beyond Javascript code should be added in the template folder in the Javascript folder using the following naming convention.

your template/javascript/create_account.js.php

This has been designed so that the javascript code is only loaded on the page it is needed for to maximise the speed of osCmax.
  • For more information and documentation about BTS (the template system used in osCmax), see This Page
  • Files in contributions should NEVER simply be uploaded to an osCmax install, unless they are new files not currently in osCMax. The vast majority of files in osCmax have been customized to some extent, and overwriting them would most definitely break something in osCmax. ALWAYS manually merge code changes using a file comparison tool.
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