Getting Started

  • Okay so you have installed osCmax and you have set up the security for your site. As a minimum you should have renamed the admin folder and setup .htaccess protection on this folder.

First Steps

  1. Setup Security :: I just want to check you set up security … no point doing all this hard work if you leave the door open for someone to come along and ruin everything.
  2. Create your own template :: You MUST NOT use the fallback template for your own designs - it is there for the system to fallback on in case anything goes wrong - DO NOT EDIT ANY FILES IN THIS FOLDER! You have been warned!
  3. Set the general settings :: Set your basic details up for your store. For example, where your store is based, do you want to show price including or excluding tax, etc.
  4. Set up your currencies :: What currency are you going to trade in. By default osCmax comes with US$, GBP£ and Euros. Set your default currency for your site and remove/add any more you need/don't need.
  5. Set up your languages :: What languages are you going to use in your store? By default osCmax comes with English, German and Spanish. You will need to add your own language or remove these if you do not want them.
  6. Set up your countries :: Now you may not want to sell to anyone in the whole world! By default osCmax comes with all the Countries and States in the world. If you are only going to sell to a small sub-set of these then bulk set the countries to off and re-enable those you are willing to sell to.
  7. Set up your tax zones :: This is basically where you can set the different tax rates for the countries or region to which you are going to sell
  8. Set up your tax classes :: Your store is capable of selling items which attract different tax rates by item. (For example, Children's clothing may be 5% tax whereas Adult clothing maybe 20%)
  9. Set up your tax rates :: This is where you can set the individual tax rates by region and tax class. Eg. VAT in the UK.
  • Okay so you have got the basics set up! Well done! You did set up security didn't you!

Next Steps

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