The process of upgrading osCmax depends on the version you are currently running, and can be quite different depending on your current version.

Upgrading osCmax

Installing osCmax v2.5

Installation is only slightly different than installing stock osCommerce MS2. It is a simple matter of up uploading, unzipping, or un-taring the osCmax archive on your server, moving the files where you want them, and running the installation script. (See the possible additional steps mentioned below).

The installation script is a fairly easy process, but there is a lot of user input that is needed. You will need to know the following information:

  • Server root path
  • Document root
  • MySql Database name, username and password

Now that you have the above information handy, you can install osCmax using whatever below method you like:




  • Local installation
  • Remote installation

Did the installation script fail on you? Were you unable to complete the installation? Permissions problems? This is where you need to look:

osCmax v2.5 is supplied with the catalog level .htaccess and two configure.php files suffixed by .new

This has been done to prevent the overwriting of any pre-existing files. On some server environments (specifically servers running PHP as an apache module - mod_php), it may be necessary to rename these files prior to running the install script, as indicated below:

  • Rename catalog/.htaccess.new to catalog/.htaccess
  • Rename catalog/includes/configure.php.new to catalog/includes/configure.php
  • Rename catalog/youradmin/includes/configure.php.new to catalog/youradmin/includes/configure.php
  • Set the permission on these two config.php files to 777 (or 755 on some systems)
  • Run/complete the installation
  • Change permissions to 444 on the configure.php files.
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