osCMax v 2.5

osCMax v2.5 is a powerful e-commerce/shopping cart web application. There are many advantages to using osCMax as your e-commerce/shopping cart for your web site. It has all the features needed to run a successful internet store and can be customized to whatever configuration you need.

osCMax v2.5 is based on osCommerce 2.2 RC2a


The latest stable package can be downloaded at osCMax.com

The latest development version is in the SVN repository and can be downloaded using any SVN client. Here is the location of the repository: SVN Repository

(2016) New development versions have been moved to BitBucket Repository


  • osCMax is a web based application that runs on a webserver, either Apache or IIS (and can run on others, but has not been tested).
  • It requires:
    • a web server
    • PHP 5.2 (register globals off)
    • Mysql 4.1x and up
    • Apache 2.2x and up.


  • New 'Fallback' template
  • reCaptcha form installed for Wishlist and Contact Us
  • Customer Access Logging
  • Grid:List and Results per page switcher in catalog
  • Previous/Next Product Module
  • Canonical Header to prevent duplicate content in search engines
  • SEO 5
  • Password Strength Monitor
  • Admin control for Model Ref in Breadcrumb
  • Articles can be made to appear on index page
  • Open Feature Sets
  • New product_info design to use jQuery for image swap and thumbnail scroller
  • Dynamic Tabs for product descriptions
  • Extra Product Fields (EPF)
  • Manufacturer's Recommended Sale Price (MRSP)
  • Option Type Feature (OTF) (Select, Radio and Checkbox)
  • jQzoom on product info
  • Rollover image swap for thumbnails
  • Customer must accept Terms and Conditions
  • IE6 detect script and warning message
  • Index page slideshow
  • AJAX Search Suggest
  • One Page Checkout
  • UK/US English Language Switch
  • Call for Price
  • Slimbox control via admin
  • Corner Banners
  • jQuery Stars
  • Cross-sell jQuery scroller
  • Ask a Question
  • Royal Mail shipping modules
  • New BTS-HTML fallback template
  • Three product images created automatically


  • New admin layout design using jQuery UI
  • CK Editor v3.2 implemented
  • Quick Links
  • HTTP Error Logging
  • Admin Access Logging
  • New Help System linking to Wiki
  • QPBPP for SPPC v4.2
  • Hide Products for SPPC
  • Customer Order Comments
  • Canned Comments
  • Template Control via Admin
  • Page Module Controller
  • French Language Pack Added
  • Feedmachine
  • SpiffyCal removed and replaced with jQuery Datepicker
  • Wishlist contents report
  • Google Sitemaps
  • Google Analytics
  • Phone Orders
  • More Product Weight for AJAX Attribute Manager
  • Product Quick Edit
  • Store Pickup Shipping Module
  • Attribute Product Codes
  • Product Image management - Regenerate, Find missing and orphan images.


  • Deprecated HTTP_ _VARS replaced
  • E_NOTICE error fixes
  • W3C validation fixes
  • Functionality fixes
  • GUI clean up
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