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 +====== Languages ======
 +  * This is where you can add, edit or remove languages used within your store.
 +  * Changes made here affect both the admin panel and catalog side of your store.
 +  * **Name** :: Name of the language.
 +  * **Code** :: Two digit Language code.
 +  * **Image** :: Name of the image found in the catalog/​includes/​languages/​{your_language}/​ folder. (Default: icon.gif)
 +  * **Directory** :: The name of the folder in which the language is saved
 +  * **Sort Order** :: The sort order listing of the language.
 +  * **Meta Keywords** :: Adds site wide keywords to your meta tags.  If you want to edit your meta tags for specific pages then [[meta_tags|read this]]. ​
 +===== Adding a new language =====
 +  * Click **new language**
 +  * Add required information to the right hand panel
 +  * Put the language files on your server in the folder specified in step 2.
 +===== Removing a language =====
 +  * If your store is only going to be one language then the simplest way to achieve this is to select the language you want to use as the default. ​
 +  * You can do this by editing the language and ticking the checkbox **Set as default**
 +  * Then simply [[infoboxes|disable the languages infobox]] which will fix your store in the language you want and prevent you from displaying a useless infobox which has no use!
 +  * Or, you can remove each language from the store using **delete**.
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