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 +====== main_page.tpl.php ======
 +  * This document is the main control of the entire structure of your site. 
 +  * It is basically an HTML table wireframe into which all of the content of the site is loaded.
 +    * header
 +    * left_navigation
 +    * content
 +    * right_navigation
 +    * footer
 +  * If you look through the file you will see the above sections enclosed within <!-- content --> and <!-- content_eof --> to make it easier to find which bits are which.
 +===== Create a totally new layout =====
 +  * The best way to do this is to start with a pen and piece of paper!
 +  * Draw a simple diagram of the home page of your site
 +    * you will probably need to include areas for:
 +     * Header
 +     * Menu
 +     * Left Column
 +     * Main content
 +     * Right Column (if you want one)
 +     * Footer
 +  * You then need to build a HTML table which matches the layout you have drawn.
 +  * Once you have the table built it is best to follow the lead shown in aabox and put some markers in your new file - (it may look simple at the moment but it will get full of code soon and when you lose a <td> or </​table>​ you will look back and thank yourself for spending a little extra time at the start.)
 +     * eg. <!-- Menu --> <!-- Menu_eof -->
 +     * <!-- content --> <!-- content_eof -->
 +  * You can now start moving blocks of code over from the aabox template into your new template.
 +  * Start with the simple stuff like the headers etc.
 +  * You should now be able to fill up your new template with all the info you need.
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Dieses Dokuwiki verwendet ein von Anymorphic Webdesign erstelltes Thema.
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