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 +===== Product Listing =====
 +All the settings here control how the product listings display, and what information is displayed. You control the order they are displayed by adding numbers in sequence. The option with '​1'​ will display first, '​2'​ second, '​3'​ third, and so on. To disable any option from displaying, set it to '​0'​
 +<note tip>For Corner Banners to display properly their sort order must be set to 1 and no other product listing should have the same sort order as it.</​note>​
 +==== Settings ====
 +        * **Display Corner Banners** :: Enable to display the corner banners.
 +        * **Display Product Image** :: Enable to display the product image.
 +        * **Display Product Manufacturer Name** :: Enable to display the Product Manufacturer Name.
 +        * **Display Product Model** :: Enable to display the Product Model Number.
 +        * **Display Product Name** :: Enable to display the Product Name.
 +        * **Display Product Price** :: Enable to display the Product Price.
 +        * **Display Product Quantity** :: Enable to display the Product Quantity.
 +        * **Display Product Weight** :: Enable to display the Product Weight.
 +        * **Display Buy Now column** :: Enable to display the 'Buy Now' button.
 +        * **Display Category/​Manufacturer Filter (0=disable; 1=enable)** :: Enable to display the category/​manufacturer filter. This allows to filter the display by category or manufacturer.
 +        * **Show More Info button?** :: Show the more info button through out your store.
 +        * **Product Display Type (Default = 0 or Columns = 1)** :: Do you want to display products one per row or multiple columns per row?
 +        * **Location of Prev/Next Navigation Bar (1-top, 2-bottom, 3-both)** :: This option controls where the navigation links appear on the page.
 +        * **Number of Columns for product listings** :: How many prodcuts per row do you want to display on your product listing page?
 +<note important>​It is best to leave the above setting for number of columns set to 3 since you may get undesirable format changes when this is changed.</​note> ​
 +        * **Use Tabs to display extra product information?​** :: Do you want to use the products tabs functionality to display more info about your products.
 +        * **Show the product model in the breadcrumb?​** :: Do you want to display the product number in the breadcrumb at the top of the page?
 +        * **Minimum X-Sell products Listed** :: Minimum number of X-sell before the box is displayed on the product info page.
 +        * **Show Ask a Question button on Product Info pages?** :: Do you want to show a button to allow the customers to ask a question which links to the contact us page and prepopulates the form with the product info they were looking at?
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