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Quick Links

  • Quick Links is designed to give you control over the shortcuts shown on the left hand side of the administrator panel.


  • To create a new Quick Link for your store simply click insert
  • Then add the information required in the right hand panel
    • Link Icon :: The full image filename including extension. (This file needs to be stored in the admin/images/quick_links and should be 40×40 pixels)
    • Link Name :: This is the text that will be displayed next to your icon.
    • Link Details :: This is the URL for your link, relative to your admin directory. If you want to link to an external site then please put the full URL including the http://
    • Target :: Target for the link - _blank (new window) or _top (exisiting window)
    • Sort Order :: Sort order for displaying the Quick Links.
  • Click update to save your new Quick Link button
  • Click Delete in the right hand column
  • Click Delete again to confirm that you wish to delete.
  • Bookmark at
  • Bookmark "Quick Links" at Reddit
  • Bookmark "Quick Links" at Google
  • Bookmark "Quick Links" at Facebook
  • Bookmark "Quick Links" at Twitter
  • Bookmark "Quick Links" at Slashdot
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Dieses Dokuwiki verwendet ein von Anymorphic Webdesign erstelltes Thema.
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