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This is where you edit or delete reviews. The interface is the same as the rest of the admin. Select the review you want to edit or delete, then click the 'Edit' or 'Delete' buttons in the right column. Specials

This section is where you add items on 'Special' and set the properties for those items. The 'Specials' interface is the standard admin interface with the added option of an 'On/Off' button. If you click the green icon, the special is active. If you click the red icon , the special is inactive. This is nice so you can re-use specials and turn them on or off when you need to. The options for specials are below:

  • New Product :: This is the button you use to add a new item on special. It will take you to the 'Add New Special' page. This page is easy to use, just follow the instructions.

If you click on a special, you will get the option to edit or delete it in the right column. Products Expected

This section will list any products with a future date of availability. You have the option on this page to edit any product that is listed here. If you do not have any products that have a future date of availability, this section will be empty.

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Dieses Dokuwiki verwendet ein von Anymorphic Webdesign erstelltes Thema.
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