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Royal Mail

Installed Module (extract below): http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/4473

  • This contribution is for UK Stores ONLY. What it will do is add several shipping zones to your osCmax store. If your customer is UK based, it will not show any of the International Shipping Options, and vice versa, if your customer is International it will not show any UK based shipping methods.

Shipping Methods Added:

  1. Royal Mail First Class Standard Post (upto 3.0Kg Limit)
  2. Royal Mail Second Class Standard Post (upto 1.0Kg Limit)
  3. Royal Mail First Class Recorded Post (upto 3.0Kg and £32.00 Limit)
  4. Royal Mail Second Class Recorded Post (upto 1.0Kg and £32.00 Limit)
  5. Royal Mail Standard Parcels (upto 20.0Kg and £500) with additional insurance
  6. Parcel Force 48
  7. Citylink Next Day
  8. Royal Mail International Signed for (European Prices)
  9. Royal Mail International Signed for (Zone 1)
  10. Royal Mail International Signed for (Zone 2)

Further Information

  • All Royal Mails prices are for the new style (packets) pricing, however common sense is needed, a 3.0Kg parcel sent by Royal Mail First class standard delivery would cost £10.69 using the new shipping prices, therefore it would make sense to post it by Royal Mail Standard Parcels, therefore we have placed limits on the lower end shipping methods. If a product goes over this limit, the shipping option will not be displayed.
IF YOU DECIDE TO INSTALL ONLY THE ROYAL MAIL MODULES AND NOT ANY OF THE COURIERS OR PARCEL FORCE MODULES, PLEASE OPEN THE ROYAL MAIL MODULES AND REMOVE THE LIMITS. If you do not remove the limits and you have no other shipping modules installed, if someone buys something from you over £32.00, there will be no shipping option shown, hence your customer can checkout and pay £0.00 shipping.

To summarise, either install Royal Mail modules with a courier (Standard Parcels, Citylink or Parcelforce) or if you install the Royal Mail modules on their own, (RM 1st, RM 2nd, RM 1st REC or RM 2nd REC) edit the files to remove the limits.

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