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This section controls how the store controls your sessions.


  • Session Directory :: If you are using file based session this sets the directory on the server to store them. Default /tmp.

In place of the above file based session directory it is considered both more secure and simpler for most stores to define catalog/includes/configure.php sessions definition to use the mysql database as follows:

define('STORE_SESSIONS', 'mysql'); / set to 'mysql' or leave empty '' for default handler (Session Directory)

You can now ignore the Session directory setting.

  • Force Cookie Use :: Force the use of sessions only when cookies are enabled. Default: False. Enable (True) if your customers are having trouble logging in. If you have a dedicated SSL certificate you can also set this to True. However if you have a shared SSL certificate the setting must be False. Many bulk sites provide only shared SSL unless you ask for dedicated.
  • Check SSL Session ID :: Validates the session ID for every secure page request.
  • Check User Agent :: Checks the users browser agent on every page request.
  • Check IP Address :: Check the users IP address on every page request.
  • Prevent Spider Sessions :: Stops common spiders from starting a session.
  • Recreate Session :: Creates a new session ID when the users creates an account or logs in.
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