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Tax Zones

  • Setting up taxes in any system can be a complex process. osCmax can be complicated to understand at first but follow the instructions below and it will all become clear!
  • In order to explain this process we will work through an example of setting up UK VAT for your store by setting regions of the world where VAT applies and the Rest of the World where it does not.

Setting up a New Tax Zone

  • Open your admin panel.
  • Go to Location / TaxesTax Zones
  • Click insert
  • Enter ROW and Rest of World into the Zone name and Description


  • Click insert again
  • Now we need to asign the countries that make up this zone.
  • Click details
  • Select All Countries and All Zones in the right hand column
  • Click insert

Okay so we have the catch all zone setup now we need to assign the correct countries to the VATable countries.

  • Goto Tax Zones again if you are not already there
  • Click insert
  • Enter EU and European Union into the Zone name and Description
  • Click insert
  • You have now inserted the UK into the European Union Zone
  • You will need to repeat this for all other member states of this zone - in this example Austria, Belgium, Cyprus (Southern), Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France (including Monaco and Corsica), Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy (including Sardinia), Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal (including Madeira and the Azores), Spain (including the Balearic Islands (Majorca, Ibiza & Menorca), Slovak Republic, Slovenia and Sweden.
For UK VAT check the HMRC website for an up to date list.
  • Once you have set up your Tax Zones you will need to apply some Tax Rates to them.
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