Version History

On this page you will find a short version summary of the different releases of osCmax.

osCmax v2 Release Candidates (RCs)

osCmax RC1 : June 14 2005
osCmax RC2 : Sept 22 2005
osCmax RC3 : Aug 4 2006
osCmax RC3.0.1 : Aug 12 2006
osCmax RC3.0.2 : Sept 25 2008
osCmax RC3.0.3 : Jan 26 2009
osCmax RC4 : Mar 21 2009

osCmax v2.0

The project was then moved from the RC4 to the new v2.0 version

osCmax 2.0.0 : Mar 21 2009

RC4 committed from SVN to full stable release.

osCmax 2.0.1 : Mar 24 2009

Small bug found in shopping_cart.tpl.php.

osCmax 2.0.2 : April 11 2009

This release corrects a problem with the upgrade script that was causing issues with several of the menus in the admin panel, when upgrading from RC3x. This release also corrects a problem with path consistency for thumbnail image displays.

osCmax 2.0.3 : July 1 2009

Admin security patch

osCmax 2.0.4 : Nov 9 2009

A serious security vulnerability has been discovered in osCMax v2.0.3 and all prior versions. It is suggested that you remove /admin/file_manager.php and /admin/define_language.php from your server.

osCmax 2.0.15 : Feb 9 2010

Major release of source code, fixing up a number of bugs. Some design and layout changes to admin. Automatic thumbnails for the first product image and the inclusion of Slimbox image enlargement.

osCmax 2.0.25 : Mar 22 2010

Maintenance release fixing a couple of bugs. Additionally, the wysiwyg editor has been replaced with CKEditor. It is a big improvement over the old FCKEditor and we think you will really enjoy the increase in speed and usability.

osCmax v2.5

osCmax 2.5 Beta-1 : Nov 2 2011

This is a pre-release for testing, and while it is quite stable, it is not recommended production use just yet. After a few weeks of beta testing, if all goes well, v2.5 stable will be generally released for production. For those following development, you will notice that the version number has changed a bit from what we had been using. Due to the large amounts of changes to the code, we wanted to reflect that more accurately with our version number designation, thus the jump to v2.5.

osCmax 2.5 Beta-2 : Dec 20 2011
osCmax 2.5 Beta-3 : Feb 1 2011

This release has cleared a significant amount of issues and improves the overall experience, both for customers and for administrators. There are over 80 bugs/issues that have been resolved in this release as well as several new UI improvements in the admin and front end.

Here are a few highlights of what has been done between beta 2 and this release:

  • Fallback HTML template updated to current feature set, now a viable replacement for fallback. If you want to use the new html tag template system, it is now fully implemented.
  • Large scale language/translation work. Default language packs are now file-complete and fully functional. (Translations are being finished)
  • Added many new user-friendly error messages both to admin and catalog
  • Added a configuration checking screen to the admin to inform the administrator of any problems with the shop installation
  • Fixed Paypal and shipping amount issue where charges were randomly lost due to customer action
  • Updated USPS shipping module to match new USPS API
  • Resolved issue with cart totals/quantity discounts not displaying properly
  • Fixed articles reviews editing and tweaked articles features
  • Search result quantity now can be set differently for catalog and admin
  • Fixed page module controller activation action
  • Ajax country/state selector fixed on all customer pages
  • Full UTF-8 Character set support
osCmax 2.5 RC1 : Apr 7 2011

Arriving at the release candidate stage of development is significant as it is now considered stable enough for general use. If you have been waiting patiently, now is the time to get your copy installed! With the help of an ever growing group of quality beta testers we have been able to find and resolve a very significant amount of moderate to minor issues. Since Beta-3 was released, we have resolved 85 reported issues and several dozen unreported issues.

The lead up to RC1 saw a significant amount of progress made on making the administrative panel fully multi-language capable. Completing the included language packs for both the customer facing catalog and administrative panel was a high priority and the results are excellent. In addition, the installer is now fully multi-language capable for easy translation.

osCmax 2.5 RC2 : Aug 17 2011

With this latest release, osCmax has seen another 70+ improvements and fixes. The focus has been on clearing as many issues as possible while improving stability and usability. You will find that there are a lot if little improvements everywhere - things just work a little bit better, smoother, and look a bit more polished.

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