Version History

On this page you will find a short version summary of the different releases of osCMax.

osCMax v2 Release Candidates (RCs)

osCMax RC1 : June 14 2005
osCMax RC2 : Sept 22 2005
osCMax RC3 : Aug 4 2006
osCMax RC3.0.1 : Aug 12 2006
osCMax RC3.0.2 : Sept 25 2008
osCMax RC3.0.3 : Jan 26 2009
osCMax RC4 : Mar 21 2009

osCMax v2.0

The project was then moved from the RC4 to the new v2.0 version

osCMax 2.0.0 : Mar 21 2009

RC4 committed from SVN to full stable release.

osCMax 2.0.1 : Mar 24 2009

Small bug found in shopping_cart.tpl.php.

osCMax 2.0.2 : April 11 2009

This release corrects a problem with the upgrade script that was causing issues with several of the menus in the admin panel, when upgrading from RC3x. This release also corrects a problem with path consistency for thumbnail image displays.

osCMax 2.0.3 : July 1 2009

Admin security patch

osCMax 2.0.4 : Nov 9 2009

A serious security vulnerability has been discovered in osCMax v2.0.3 and all prior versions. It is suggested that you remove /admin/file_manager.php and /admin/define_language.php from your server.

osCMax 2.0.15 : Feb 9 2010

Major release of source code, fixing up a number of bugs. Some design and layout changes to admin. Automatic thumbnails for the first product image and the inclusion of Slimbox image enlargement.

osCMax 2.0.25 : Mar 22 2010

Maintenance release fixing a couple of bugs. Additionally, the wysiwyg editor has been replaced with CKEditor. It is a big improvement over the old FCKEditor and we think you will really enjoy the increase in speed and usability.

osCMax 2.1 : Coming Soon!

Coming Soon … However, if you are a developer then checkout the SVN here.

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